Michigan State University Archives & Historical Collections
Series: 2) Public Administration of the Project
Box 660 Folder 2 National Committee for Agrarian Reform: Correspondence on Agricultural Credit, 1955-1957
(Partially scanned folder | 6 records)
November 18th,1955
A memo from Edward W. Weidner to Walter Mode and John Dorsey to setup a meeting at USOM to discuss how to determine the granting of loans in cash and agricultural equipment free of charge using funds from the American Economic aid.
January 10th,1957
Walter W. Mode wrote a letter to Tran Ngoc Lien in regards to problems that will arise when Mode's organization begins their operations.
January 15th,1957
Nguyen Quan wrote to Walter Mode in regards to the "Proposed Functions and Authority of Advisory Committee on Agricultural Credit". The correspondence outlines the background issues of the new Agricultural credit system, and the issues brought forth in a meeting with Mr. Lien. The purpose of the memo is discuss a new draft of the Agricultural Credit system.
January 15th,1957
Walter Mode wrote to Tran Ngoc Lien in regards to the responsibilities and functions of the National Agricultural Credit Agency Committee. The discussion revolves around role the NACA Committee will function as, and the authority the Advisory Committee has.
February 27th,1957
A memo from Albert A. Rosenfeld to Walter W. Mode in regards to the National Agricultural Credit Office. The memo outlines the new authority position of the NACA office and the governing board.
September 20th,1957
Albert A. Rosenfeld wrote to Tran Ngoc Lien in regards to the National Agricultural Credit. The letter encloses a book on "Agricultural Finance" and proposes changes to the Decree Ni. 67-DT-CCDD of April 1, 1957.