Michigan State University Archives & Historical Collections
Box 21 Folder 1209 Aid to Vietnam 1956-1957
(Completely scanned folder | 10 records)
January 4th,1957
Introduction and outline to the training programs provided by the National Institute of Administration to the MSU Technical Advisory Group.
September 25th,1956
A speech given by the Secretary of Public Health and Social Welfare, Director of National Institute of Administration. The speech called for a more focused and optimized effort in their training programs provided to government services abroad.
August 5th,1956
A small report outlining where government officials involved in overseas projects live - the style, size, and location of their houses. In addition, this report includes the operational status of each person, whether or not they were still involved in the government programs or if they had retired.
July 1955
Notes from a tape recording outlining the work that the Field Administration Division had done, and was intended to be heard by new employees as to give an idea of what to expect during their time spent abroad.
November 15th,1957
A memo sent by Dr. John Doresy of the Public Administration Division of the MSU Vietnam Advisory Group who gives examples of the progress made by the MSUAG, as well as recognizing areas that need improvement, and plans for future operations.
A list of various goods that Vietnam imports from the United States as of 1956.
March 19th,1958
A list of goods imported into and exported from Vietnam, with the top suppliers listed as well. The list also contains the main buyers of Vietnamese goods, separated by nationality.
A list of goods imported into Vietnam from Japan, with quantities and prices.
A report on the economic repercussions that occurred when Vietnam was split into North and South.
May 8th,1968
An analysis of the Vietnam War from an economic perspective, detailing the nations that fought on both sides, their military strength and capability, and the objectives and goals of both sides. These objectives include political, economic, military, and Geo-political and their importance is detailed in the report. Finally, the report also studies the level of US assistance and programs taking place in Vietnam.