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Series: 4) Public Administration of the Program, Additional Information
Box 677 Folder 88 Civic Action Program, Reports of Teams in the Field, January to June 1955
(Completely scanned folder | 9 records)
July 8th,1955
Regular reports are collected from Group 14 of the Civic Action Program from July to October, 1955. English translations of the reports are done by a person by the name Van, though no further information is given. Reports are sent from Truong Binh village, Canton, and Thuan Thanh village. The reports have a central focus on village relations with local communists. The first details the disembowelment of a former village chief and hypothesis as to his death, and the others cover American aid, opium problems, local control of radio stations and information, village organization and composition, setting up clubs, and accomplished works.
July 9th,1955
Three reports are collected from Group 2 of the Civic Action Program from July and September, 1955. They discuss village meetings and introducing village members to local authority.
October 1st,1955
A report is collected from Group 5 of the Civic Action Program for the week of October 1 - 13, 1955. The report discusses the villages of Rachdao and Caulang, and their health and social works, information and propaganda, education, and security.
October 1955
A report is sent from Group 18 of the Civic Action Program for the village of Luong Hoa. The report briefly covers a general view of the village, their health and social life, education, organization, and security.
Two speeches are recorded from the branches of Order and Information and Propaganda.
November 1955
A report from the village of Thuan Thanh records the transfer of village authority from the previous cadre to Pham Van Nam, police commissioner, and details his responsibilities for security of the area.
An unknown author writes a plea addressed to their "Country fellows" which briefly discusses the author's former work with the communist party, their capture and family's starvation, and finally their release and conversion to the Republic of Vietnam and President Ngo Dinh Diem.
October 10th,1955
A report made on the campaign for life-improvement in the region of Ca Mau. The report discusses contentions with regional religious differences and military security.
A series of reports are compiled on the administration and social organization for the villages of Binh Dong and My Le.