Michigan State University Archives & Historical Collections
Series: 4) Public Administration of the Program, Additional Information
Box 677 Folder 91 Finance, Department of, Organization 1949
(Partially scanned folder)
June 7th,1957
Personnel with the Michigan State University Vietnam Advisory Group correspond with one another and with Vu Van Thai, Director General of Budget and Foreign Aid, from June to November, 1957. The correspondence begins following a request from Thai for help developing a new budget classification system for Vietnam. MSUG calls for a new accounting expert to study the system, to which one Gordon Potter of USOM responds, and they continue to correspond concerning the set-up of an advisory committee, who should compose it, and if such a committee is feasible. They also discuss what the project should entail and what progress has been made.
A non-specific list is made of existing Vietnamese budgets, including national, prefecture, municipalities, and autonomous units.
A list is created of 17 newly appointed province chiefs, broken into military and non-military functions.
MSUG Chief Advisor Wesley Fishel sends to Acting Coordinator Frank Cliffe an overview of training going on at the National Institute of Administration.
November 26th,1956
Marvin Murphy and Walter Mode send out a memorandum concerning food problems in the prison of Mytho province due to budgetary issues.
August 3rd,1956
Walter Mode and James Fesler co-author a memorandum for the Committee for the Study of Budgetary and Financial Questions concerning budgetary problems and field administration. There are English and French translations.
August 4th,1960
Marvin Murphy sends to Lloyd Musolf a series of information on the salaries and supplies of the Department of Health.
January 2nd,1957
Two meetings of the National Assembly are recorded to discuss the major aspects of the national budget.