Michigan State University Archives & Historical Collections
Series: 5) Police Administration
Box 679 Folder 2 Administration, American Personnel, General, 101 1955-1961
(Partially scanned folder | 10 records)
January 14th,1957
Personnel with the Michigan State University Vietnam Advisory Group correspond from January to November, 1957 to discuss the recruitment, training, and travel arrangements for tentative and confirmed new police administration personnel.
March 12th,1957
Personnel with the Michigan State University Vietnam Advisory Group's Police Administration division correspond from March to May, 1957 to discuss the submission of potential employee's Form 57s.
November 15th,1957
The Training and Research Section of the Michigan State University Vietnam Advisory Group writes to Howard Hoyt, Chief of the Public Administration Division, to discuss the assignment and duties of Normal Clowers, firearms instructor.
September 25th,1957
Howard Hoyt forwards to the Police Administration Division staff a chart indicating the organization of the division and where staff has been assigned.
July 26th,1957
A brief document gives an itinerary for the "route and points of interest for police advisors' tour" around Saigon.
April 20th,1957
A series of four organization charts are made for the Police Program Division for recruitment purposes.
Chief of the Police Program Division Howard Hoyt writes a job description for the Director of Training.
June 22nd,1957
Jack Ryan, Acting Chief of the Police Administration Division, sends out a memorandum of American personnel already in Saigon, and those due to arrive.
June 10th,1957
A list is made of personnel who are due to arrive in Vietnam with the Michigan State University Vietnam Advisory Group Police Administration Division. The information includes their estimated times of arrival and remarks on their employment and family background. Some of the names have been crossed out and cancelled.
June 23rd,1957
Itineraries are drawn up for American personnel and their families traveling to Vietnam for Police Administration. The personnel are Mr. Johnston, Clowers, Chamberlin, Fabian, and Rumpf. There is an additional memorandum attached from Acting Chief Jack Ryan discussing employment of other individuals.