Michigan State University Archives & Historical Collections
Series: 2) CORRESPONDENCE. 1941-1975, undated
Box 1184 Folder 16 Correspondence, 1957-1958
(Completely scanned folder | 19 records)
July 8th,1958
Wesley Fishel writes to Dr. Ho Quan Phuoc ("Manny") to thank him for the letter that he had received regarding the hunting permit for Mr. Zimmerman to hunt in Vietnam.
July 14th,1958
Wesley R. Fishel writes a letter to President John A. Hannah about his recent trip to Washington and New York. While there he conversed with the Vietnam Embassy regarding various aspects of the Vietnam program.
August 1st,1958
The deputy assistant secretary for European Affairs, Foy Kohler thanks Wesley Fishel for his letter on July 25.
Wesley Fishel writes to Lewis Zimmerman about obtaining a hunting permit to hunt in Vietnam. A letter from the director of the National Tourist Office for Vietnam, Dr. Ho Quan Phuoc to Lewis Zimmerman is included in Wesley Fishel's letter as well.
This is a series of letters written between Wesley R. Fishel and Herman Pritchett regarding Fishel's help with the Midwest Journal of Political Science.
December 31th,1958
Wesley R. Fishel expresses his apologies for missing the opportunity to meet Mr. Phan Dinh Ngoc during his visit to Michigan State University.
December 31th,1958
Wesley R. Fishel congratulates Leland Barrows on his new position as the chief of Division of Near East and South Asian Affairs under the International Cooperation Administration in Washington D.C. Fishel also reflects on his pleasure of working with Barrows while they were in Vietnam together.
November 26th,1958
Wesley R. Fishel sends George Gant of The Ford Foundation copies of Appendices, an issue of the Vietnamese Embassy Information Bulletin, and the Vietnam Government Organization Manual, 1957-1958.
November 4th,1958
Wesley R. Fishel asks Mr. Robert W. Scott from The Title and Registration Division of The Office of Secretary of State to issue a proper certificate of title for the Volkswagen Fishel had purchased in Saigon, Vietnam during February of 1958.
November 21st,1958
Wesley R. Fishel writes to The Centre d'Informations Catholiques in Paris, France for more information on Catholicism in Vietnam and requests a copy of La Situation du Catholicisme au Vietnam.
December 9th,1958
Consulting economist Robert R. Nathan sends Wesley R. Fishel a list of the lectures or topics for the training program of ICA officials run by Johns Hopkins University. Included is a memorandum "Working notes on the Aid and Trade Project" that focuses on the role of the United States in world affairs, trade policies,aid and trade programs, and policy proposals for congressional consideration.
October 21st,1957
Esson M. Gale, Adviser to the Asiatic Research Center of Korea University invites Wesley Fishel to submit contributions to their new English language publication.
January 6th,1958
Wesley Fishel recounts to John Hannah about his recent visit with the Ford Foundation.
January 24th,1958
Letter thanking Wesley Fishel for reception and responses to his questions. Cung-Dinh-Quy recounts his own previous work experience in different ministries to explain that he places the interests of the country before the political party. He includes the first page of a previous report on the activities of the Ministry of Agriculture from June 1952 to October 1953.
May 1958
Dr.S.S.Chari asks Wesley Fishel for help with providing Dr.R.N.Mathur a fellowship or a research position at the university.
June 4th,1958
Kai E. Rasmussen from the Special Operations Research Office at The American University asks Wesley R. Fishel to serve as a consultant on Project PROSYMS. The letter is followed by a seven page document that is titled "General Introduction to Project PROSYMS for new SORO Consultants" and includes procedures for determining important target groups and appropriate psychological warfare tasks.
June 3rd,1958
Lewis Zimmerman, a graduate from Michigan Agricultural College in 1920, writes to the Vietnam Ambassador regarding his interest in obtaining permits to hunt in Vietnam. A reply letter to Lewis Zimmerman and a memorandum are included.
June 13th,1958
Wesley Fishel writes a letter to M. Vo van Hai concerning Lewis Zimmerman and his interest in obtaining proper hunting permits for Vietnam.
June 27th,1958
Director of the National Office of Tourism of Vietnam ( Dr. Ho Quan Phuoc) writes to Wesley Fishel regarding a hunting permit for Mr. Lewis Zimmerman to hunt in Vietnam.