Michigan State University Archives & Historical Collections
Series: 8) VIETNAM PROJECT. 1955-1971, 1981, n.d. [1955-1960]
Box 1693 Folder 48 A Threat to the Peace: North Vietnam’s Effort to Conquer South Vietnam - Part II, the Appendices -- 1961
(Completely scanned folder | 1 record)
An appendices is made to a report by the title of, "A Threat to the Peace, North Viet-Nam's Effort to Conquer South Viet-Nam." The appendices includes information on thedirection of the Viet Cong by North Vietnam, charts of Viet Cong political organization, Viet Cong political objectives, maps of Viet Cong movements, photographs of Viet Cong agents, photocopied confessions from Viet Cong operatives, photocopies of meal books, and numerous specific cases relating to Viet Cong operations.