Michigan State University Archives & Historical Collections
Series: 1) ADMINISTRATIVE FILES. 1925-1986, n.d. [1958-1969]
Box 42 Folder 49 International Programs, Vietnam Project, 1954
(Completely scanned folder | 9 records)
November 3rd,1954
A letter from Michigan State College John A. Hannah to Vietnamese President Ngo Dinh Diem, thanking him for a letter from October 19, 1954, and expressing his happiness with President Ngo Dinh Diem's visit from Professors Fishel, Weidner, Denison, Brandstatter, and Killingsworth. Ambassador Collins goes on to offer Michigan State College's assistance to the government of Vietnam, by participating in programs proposed by President Ngo Dinh Diem in his October 19 letter.
October 19th,1954
A letter from Vietnamese President Ngo Dinh Diem to MSU President John A. Hannah, thanking him for sending a team of MSU professors to provide technical expertise to the Vietnamese government.
December 31th,1954
A letter from MSU President John A. Hannah to American Ambassador General J. Lawton Collins, referring to four MSU professors visiting Vietnam, and a contract between FOA, the Vietnamese government, and Michigan State College, and its emphasis on a program designed to strengthen the office of the president. The contract referred to in the letter also focuses on training men in government service, and mentions police administration, in the hopes that it will advance the interests of the United States.
October 13th,1954
A letter from James H. Denison, a member of the University Service Team in Vietnam in 1954, to Michigan State College President John A. Hannah. Denison discusses the Vietnamese people and their views on the Conflict, and nationalism. He concludes by reminiscing about Michigan State College, and mutual friends.
September 21st,1954
A memo from Merrill Pierson to Philip May, reporting on the status of arrangements to send four MSU professors to Vietnam as part of the "Indo-China Mission" that provided the Vietnamese government with technical expertise.
September 22nd,1954
A memorandum from Philip J. May, in which he discusses the expenses that would be required to send four Michigan State College professors to Vietnam to assist in providing the Vietnamese government with technical expertise ("The Indo-China Mission").
September 24th,1954
A letter from Edward W. Weidner, Chief of the Michigan State College Mission to Vietnam, to President John A. Hannah. Weidner thanks President Hannah for his considerations in helping a goodwill trip to Vietnam for Weidner and three of his colleagues possible.
December 29th,1954
A proposed contract and budget from Edward W. Weidner to President John A. Hannah, detailing expected costs for sending Michigan State College faculty and staff to Vietnam, to assist with their technical expertise.
October 18th,1954
A letter from Edward W. Weidner to President John A. Hannah, stating that he hopes to meet with the President soon to discuss the results of the Indo-China Mission (a trip taken by four Michigan State College professors to help provide the Vietnamese government with technical expertise).