Michigan State University Archives & Historical Collections
Series: 1) ADMINISTRATIVE FILES. 1925-1986, n.d. [1958-1969]
Box 42 Folder 52 International Programs, Vietnam Project, 1957
(Completely scanned folder | 4 records)
December 1st,1957
An article written by Hilaire du Berrier on December 1, 1957, and published by the Economic Council Letter. Du Berrier writes about the fall of democracy in South Vietnam, and the rise of South Vietnamese president Ngo Dinh Diem. The article also discusses Diem's relationship with America at the time of his rise to power. The publisher begins the article with a disclaimer, urging government officials and the American public to consider the author's viewpoints.
June 15th,1957
A letter from Wesley R. Fishel, Chief Advisor to the Vietnam Project, to Stanley K. Sheinbaum, Acting Coordinator. Fishel refers to an April 9, 1957 memo from Dr. Francis J. Brown to Richard Humphrey. Fishel comments on Dr. Brown's negative remarks in the memo about the Michigan State University Group (MSUG) after meeting with them for three hours, and visiting the National Institute of Administration afterwards.
July 19th,1957
A letter from Glen L. Taggart, Dean of International Programs, to MSU president John A. Hannah. Taggart refers to Dr. Brown's April 9, 1957 memo to Richard Humphrey, in which Brown made negative comments on the Michigan State University Group (MSUG) after having spoken with them for three hours. Taggart suggests to Hannah that the memo be sent to members of the group for their use and comment.
August 2nd,1957
A memorandum from Arthur F. Brandstatter, Police Administration Advisor to the Michigan State University Group (MSUG), to Glen L. Taggart, Dean of International Programs. Brandstatter remarks favorably on the work involved in interviewing and hiring candidates for the police phase of the Vietnam Project, and suggests to Taggart that the information be shared with MSU president Hannah.