Michigan State University Archives & Historical Collections
Series: 2) CORRESPONDENCE. 1941-1975, undated
Box 1184 Folder 17 Correspondence, 1959
(Completely scanned folder | 32 records)
January 15th,1959
Wesley R. Fishel thanks Mr. Adolf F. Sturmthal for his invitation to serve as a chairman for the panel, "Political Implications of Economic Development" at the conference on Research in Progress on Underdeveloped Areas.
January 16th,1959
Wesley R. Fishel thanks Colonel Edward G. Lansdals' comments and plans to visit Fort Benning in Spring to see how the Army handles foreign students and will also deliver political speeches to explain their projects.
January 26th,1959
Wesley R. Fishel requests that the Ambassador of the Republic of Vietnam in Washington D.C, Tran Van Chuong prepare materials on political policies at the Embassy in anticipation of Fishel's visit.
January 26th,1959
Wesley R. Fishel requests Alfred H. Hausrath from John Hopkins University to give an update on ORO-T-356 such as its cost figures, content, and orientation procedures.
January 26th,1959
Wesley Fishel expresses his interest in William H. Vatcher, Jr.'s newest book, Panmunjom. Fishel also has several questions for Vatcher about his book that are related to Fishel's ORO study and the role of interpreters.
February 3rd,1959
Wesley Fishel confirms with Charles Rubiner that he can speak to the Study Club about Vietnam.
February 25th,1959
Wesley R. Fishel submits a manuscript titled "Political Progress and Stability in Free Vietnam Since Geneva" for publication in the Yale Review.
March 5th,1959
The director of the Library of International Relations, Eloise ReQua asks Wesley Fishel to confirm if he can serve as Chairman for the panel on "Political Implications of Economic Development" at the Conference on Research in Progress on Underdeveloped Areas.
July 30th,1964
The director of the Library of International Relations, Eloise ReQua, confirms the date of the third biennial Middlewest Faculty Conference on Research in Progress in Underdeveloped Areas. The tentative program and a list of suggested participants in Midwest Research Conference are included as well.
March 11th,1959
Wesley R. Fishel thanks the staff assistant for the Coordinate of S.E. Asian Program and the Mott Foundation Program, Mrs. Marguerite F. Randall, for the opportunity to meet with her directors and be part of their program.
March 17th,1959
John T. Dorsey, Jr. explains to Wesley R. Fishel that his participation on the planning committee for the conference on Vietnam is conditional on his travel status.
March 30th,1959
Wesley R. Fishel explains to Dean Glen L. Taggart the current problems in the collaboration between the University of California, the State Department, the ICA and the National University, Taiwan. Fishel emphasizes the importance of patience in successful negotiations with the Chinese.
April 9th,1959
Wesley R. Fishel asks the chief of Division of Near East and South Asian Affairs, Mr. Leland Barrows, when he would visit Michigan State University. Fishel hopes that Barrows can come and meet students working on overseas development, witness campus courses on foreign development and agricultural economics, and perhaps speak about America's programs in South and Southeast Asia.
April 13th,1959
Wesley R. Fishel asks Mr. Nguyen Phu Duc of the Embassy of Vietnam to answer some questions about Vietnam for an encyclopedia entry. The questions focus on Vietnamese Viet Cong, demographics, schools and geography.
June 2nd,1959
Wesley R. Fishel asks Mr. Nguyen Phu Duc of the Embassy of Vietnam in Washing D.C. to provide information on the city of Cholon such as its relation to the city of Saigon, industries, and population of Vietnamese and Chinese.
June 2nd,1959
Wesley R. Fishel explains to professor Robert Scigliano that there will be no panels that deal with Vietnam. Fishel also commends Scigliano for his speaking capability and knowledge of Southeast Asia.
June 8th,1959
Wesley R. Fishel explains to U.S senator from Montana, Mick Mansfield, that he will take a trip to Washington to attend to matters on Vietnam.
June 17th,1959
Wesley R. Fishel updates associate professor of geography at The University of Chicago, Dr. Norton Ginsburg, that he has passed on Ginsburg's letter to Ralph Smuckler, chief of the group in Vietnam.
July 29th,1959
Wesley R. Fishel explains to Mr.Howard Elting of the American Embassy some Vietnamese accounts pertaining Mr. Colegrove's itinerary in Vietnam.
August 26th,1959
N.K Phon-anh discusses the upcoming elections, candidates and their information, and electoral campaigns. Phon-anh also mentions that the Vietminh has attempted to undermine the elections based on the Geneva Agreement.
September 15th,1959
Wesley R. Fishel accepts the invitation from professor L.A. Peter Gosling of the department of geography from The University of Michigan to attend a research conference on Southeast Asian Studies.
September 15th,1959
The coordinator of discussion programs for the Mott Foundation Program, Marguerite F. Randall thanks Wesley R. Fishel for accepting to speak in their "Asia" series on the topic of "Facing the Communist Challenge in Southeast Asia."
October 15th,1959
Wesley R. Fishel encloses the program for "Social Development and Welfare in Vietnam," addressed to Lewis Andretta in regards to a program.
October 19th,1959
Lou Andreatta sends Harry Edward some papers from Wesley Fishel's personal files for background material on the subject "Social Activities in Vietnam" and hopes that Edwards will present a paper.
October 2nd,1959
On the behalf of Governor Williams, Alfred E. Davidson invites Wesley R. Fishel and others involved in the policy development program to come to the governor's house for cocktails.
December 2nd,1959
The chief advisor of the Michigan State University Vietnam Advisory Group, Ralph H. Smuckler writes to the acting coordinator,Stanley Gabis. The letter is in regards to information on MSU dormitories.
November 2nd,1959
James T. Bonnen writes to Wesley R. Fishel in regards to the upcoming campus visit of Dr. Amado A. Castro of the University of the Philippines. A report on Dr. Castro's background, the purpose of his visit to MSU, and his questions regarding the economic development policy is included.
December 2nd,1959
The assistant chief of the employment division of the Department of State, David H. Schindell thanks Wesley R. Fishel for welcoming him on his visit to Michigan State University and for the continued dedication of the campus towards the Foreign Service.
August 15th,1958
This United Steelworkers of America report explains the Legislative Education Consultants under The Legislative Education Program, which seeks to provide organization and training needed for union members to become more active in political affairs.
December 1st,1954
Lt. R. C. Phillips notes that Fischel [Wesley R. Fishel] should bring this to Mr. Diem's attention. Phillips explains that Mr. Nguyen Van Hanh of the Ministry of Social Action committee was threatened with removal from the Ministry if he did not become Cao Dai. Mr. Nguyen Van Hanh and Mr. Nguyen Phuc Sa had held prominent positions in the ministry under the previous minister, Mr. Huyen.
Masayoshi Nagata discusses the visit of Japanese Prime Minister Fujiyama to the United States and explains that the demand of $150,000,000 of war reparations from Japan to the Vietnamese government is too high.
May 25th,1958
Cooley expresses to Wesley R. Fishel his support and congratulations on the progress that Fishel has made in Vietnam. Cooley updates Fishel that he will return to the ICA and leave to Afghanistan.