Michigan State University Archives & Historical Collections
Series: 2) CORRESPONDENCE. 1941-1975, undated
Box 1184 Folder 18 Correspondence, 1960
(Completely scanned folder | 4 records)
A report exploring the potential for population resettlement in the highlands of Vietnam. The report concludes that the region holds significant potential for resettlement but that and such project will require significant investment of time and resources.
A report that describes the current and potential activities of the Eakmat Center, and agricultural experimental station in the central highlands. The center's activities focused on the introduction of outside planet species into Vietnam, and testing new methods of farming for the population to maximize their agricultural output. This report goes into detail on the size of the Center, what experiments will be conducted there, and the present situation of the project.
This document contains multiple newspaper clippings in regards to Vietnam and are part of Wesley R. Fishel's collection. All of the newspaper articles within the document were printed in 1960 and discuss such topics as the military coup, political tensions, Ngo Dinh Diem, and democracy in Vietnam.
December 15th,1960
This is a draft of a letter from Joseph Buttinger to [recipient illegible]. Buttinger describes the recent coup d'etat events that occurred in Saigon, Vietnam November of 1959. There is a handwritten note on page 1 explaining that the original letter is in the Harvard Yen Ching Library.