John A. Hannah Papers (UA 2.1.12)

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Michigan State University Archives & Historical Collections

Historical Note

As twelfth president of Michigan State University, John Alfred Hannah served from July 1, 1941 to April 1, 1969. His tenure was characterized by extensive growth of the University, in both size and enrollments. President Hannah&#39;s activities were not limited to the University, however, as he filled a variety of positions in both the federal government and private industry.<br /> <br /> During President Hannah&#39;s tenure the University grew from an enrollment of just over 6,000 to just under 40,000. This dramatic increase necessitated an extensive building program. Likewise the curriculum was upgraded and modified. In 1944 the Basic College, a prototype in the nation, was established to provide instruction to incoming students. Other improvements included Adult Education (1951), International Program (1950s), MSU-Oakland (1959), and the creation of a medical program (1960s).<br /> <p> Hannah was very concerned with both the faculty and the students at the University. In the late 1940s he began the Spartan Roundtable which provided students a forum in which to present their concerns directly to the president. He oversaw the reorganization of the faculty governance structure, as well as the creation of the &quot;Rights and Freedoms of Students.&quot;</p> <p> Hannah&#39;s government service included: International Development Advisory Board; Assistant Secretary of Defense, 1953-1954; Chairman of the Commission on Civil Rights, 1957-1964; and, Chairman of the United States Section of the Permanent Joint Board on Defense. In 1969, upon retiring from the University, he accepted a position as administrator of the Agency for International Development. Overall he served in the administrations of Presidents Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter and Reagan.</p>

Scope Note

John Hannah's papers are comprised of 13 series: Administrative files, General subject files, Committee files, Association files, Miscellaneous correspondence, Speeches, Civil Rights Commission, Publications, Ephemera, Audio-visual, Restricted, Photographs and Display images. Items related to the Vietnam project are taken from the administrative and general subject files. These folders contain correspondence, reports, notes, and newspaper clippings relating to the operation of the overseas program.

Accession Number

UA 4, UA 31, UA 85, UA 115, UA 370, UA 424, UA 437, UA 537, UA 775, UA 834, UA 854, UA 980, UA 1006, UA 1041, UA 1089, UA 1100, UA 1102, UA 1153, UA 1178, UA 1206, UA 1215, UA 1239, UA 1366, UA 1389, UA 2125, UA 2196, UA 2197, UA 2699UA 2742, UA 2750, UA 2762, UA 2782, UA 2783, UA 3318, UA 3376, UA 3377, UA 3386, UA 3403, UA 3406, UA 3464, UA 3478, UA 3480, UA 3508, UA 3515, UA 3618, UA 4523
Series: 1) ADMINISTRATIVE FILES. 1925-1986, n.d. [1958-1969]
Box 42 Folder 48 (Completely scanned folder | 1 record)
International Programs, Vietnam Project, 1954
Box 42 Folder 49 (Completely scanned folder | 9 records)
International Programs, Vietnam Project, 1954
Box 42 Folder 50 (Completely scanned folder | 28 records)
International Programs, Vietnam Project, 1955
Box 42 Folder 51 (Completely scanned folder | 23 records)
International Programs, Vietnam Project, 1956
Box 42 Folder 52 (Completely scanned folder | 4 records)
International Programs, Vietnam Project, 1957
Series: 2) GENERAL SUBJECT FILES. 1928-1991, n.d. [1958-1968]
Box 55 Folder 48 (Partially scanned folder | 18 records)
Complaints - Vietnam Project [and Ramparts article] 1966
Box 55 Folder 49 (Partially scanned folder | 22 records)
Complaints - Vietnam Project [and Ramparts article] 1966
Box 55 Folder 50 (Partially scanned folder | 32 records)
Complaints - Vietnam Project [and Ramparts article]